Shoot Your Shot

*Part of the ‘Mindset of a Millennial’ series for 2020* 5/12.

What would you do or try if you knew you couldn’t ‘fail’?

Millennials are really embodying the whole ‘Entrepreneurial vibe.’ E-commerce is thriving and we are too. I feel we are simultaneously exceeding in so many aspects, yet failing to take complete action in others, in order to maximise our full potential. Living in an era where Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have blessed the court, we should start taking some inspiration from them and start shooting our shot.

– Michael Jordan’s recent Netflix series ‘The Last Dance’ is truly awe inspiring and I would absolutely recommend giving it a watch.  He is an all star athlete, who had mastered his mindset to exude confidence and perform under pressure. A mindset I have since been trying to figure out how to replicate …..



The Role of Perfectionism

Recent studies show millennials are more likely to experience perfectionism, in comparison to our baby boomer parents. Perfectionism often leads to inaction due to fear of failure, which in turn stops us from shooting our all important shot.

In my first blog of this series, *The Burnout Generation*, we discuss that we can often feel inadequate and attempt to push past our boundaries in search of often unrealistic goals, leading to ‘burnout’.

Perfectionism directly correlates to this notion of inadequacy, as it stems from the belief that our self worth is based on our achievements, rather than what kind of person we are; if we are kind, considerate and loving. As children we are always brought up to do our best, but is this pressure in our younger years negatively affecting us later on? The rise of helicopter parenting, social media pressures and constant bombarding of everyone else’s flawless lives, is creating highlight reels for us to pin our own expectations against. It is thought, these current demanding social and economic conditions we are living through, enables this creation of an environment that cultivates these perfectionist behaviours, during our key formative years ……

Overcoming Perfectionism

There are different types of perfectionism and identifying which type/s we are most likely to experience, can help us to provide troubleshooting ideas for when they may arise. The irony of perfectionism however, is that it stops us from achieving our ‘perfect’ goals and dreams. It can in fact lower success rates and leave us neurotically agonising over our imperfections and failures, consequently then less likely to pursue any future goals.

Inaction leads to stagnant energy. We are not trees, meant to be rooted until the end of time. We have a hunger to progress and develop and keep moving forward. We just have to remember that our self worth is based on more than our achievements.


What would you tell your younger self?

Think about all the big decisions you have made in life so far …. (at the golden age of 24) fortunately, I do not think that I regret any of them. If anything, I wish I went a little bigger, shot a little higher; who knows what I could have achieved if I hadn’t let self-confidence get in the way. Having self awareness of the concepts we have mentioned removes our biggest barrier. Ourselves.

You are your biggest problem, so move out of your own way.

Take some time to think; what is the worst that can happen if you quit your job and go travelling for 6 months ….. you might find your dream job and location and never come back, or you might return home and get a part time job completely unrelated to your qualifications to pay the bills for a little while? What if you apply for a job you are not 100% qualified for but have the drive and ambition to develop in …..  you might be perfect to grow into that role in time, if someone see’s your potential. Or they might feel they have someone better suited this time, but provide feedback on how to improve, that you would not have otherwise received. The perceived worst cause scenario is never as bad as you envision and the best case scenario is almost always worth the risk.

As sentimental and heartfelt as I always seem to end up in this series so far , there really is only one life to live. So let’s live. Let’s THRIVE. If we are not thriving are we really just the living dead? I for one do not wish to be 80 years old having worked 37.5 hours per week my entire life waiting for retirement, only to realise it’s too late. Let’s start shooting our shot. Apply for that job you keep thinking about. Ask that person on a date. Visit that country you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever you think might be stopping you, find a way around it. Learn new skills, earn some extra money, save a little better.

J u s t    k e e p    m o v i n g.


All my love J xoxo

Here I am September 2019, after ‘Shooting My Shot’ . I booked a solo trip to Thailand with one week’s notice. The only regret was booking a return ticket…….


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