Stop Looking, Start Seeing

*Part of “The Mindset of a Millennial” series for 2020* 2/12.

We often say our eyes behold the unspoken truth. They are the windows to the soul. Our third eye chakra is thought to be an extension of this. Although more often associated with religion or spirituality; the third eye is thought to provide perception beyond our ordinary consciousness, our intuition; which leads me well onto how this incorporates into ‘The Mindset of a Millennial” …..

Do you ever feel life is passing you by? Sunday night rolls around all too quickly and you’re setting your dreaded alarm again for the early Monday morning wake up call. What have you done in the last seven days? Anything ground breaking? Can you even remember what you did last week besides work? Or even at work for that matter? I know we’re not everyday flying to the moon and back, but sometimes the cycle just needs to be broken. Clocking in those 37.5 hours every week is not filling that black hole located deep into your soul.

Feeling like we’re constantly on autopilot, coasting through our working week, all 52 weeks of the year. We’re forever ‘here’, but are you ever actually PRESENT? Are you looking, or are you really seeing? Are you simply hearing, or are you listening? Just because you’re living and breathing, it doesn’t mean you FEEL ALIVE.

Are you looking or are you really seeing?

A continuation, triggered by my recent blog on The Burnout Generation. and the question that; is life running away from me? But more importantly, is it running away from you? Think about your last journey to work this week. Could you recall any details about it? What did you SEE on your journey? Were you worrying about the countless number of unread emails in your inbox pending your arrival, or did you SEE the clear blue sky with airplane contrails streaked with morning light? Did you sigh (yet again) about the awful traffic, full of 9-5 commuters clogging the atmosphere with their petrol, or did you SEE the Dad and daughter walking happily hand in hand along the path on their way to school?. . . . . . . Unless something out of the ordinary happened, then your habit loops likely assisted you on autopilot you from A to B and you noticed absolutely nothing.


Not only are we on autopilot, but as Millennials we often find ourselves replaying the past or worrying about the future. Dreaming about an imaginary tomorrow, forgetting the moment we are supposed to be living in, the here and the now.

How much of our 24 hours every day are we really missing out on? . . . . . .

it’s as if you are looking out of the window of a moving train, everything feels like it’s rushing past so quickly. It’s all a blur. You stick your head out of the window to try and look to see what’s coming up next, or you glance back at where you’ve come from, but you can’t quite focus on either. Everything is moving all too quickly and being still and present in the now seems beyond the impossible.

But, if you were to get off the train and STOP. And BREATH. You might be able to focus and start SEEING what is around you. This can help to bring you into the present moment. The technique of actively stopping and focusing on the things around us is often used in managing anxiety . . . . . . . by noticing these present in our surroundings and describing them, it helps to bring our brain’s conscious level into the present moment. And this (by default) prevents us from replaying the past or creating visions and worries about the future. It also helps us to notice the smaller things we may take for granted and in turn hopefully be MORE GRATEFUL.

Regular thoughts around gratitude help us to live happier, more fulfilling lives. By focussing on the good, the not so good fades into the background. Seems simple hey?, Think good, be good.

So keep looking, but START SEEING.

SEE the opportunities that are in front of you.

SEE the wonder in your morning coffee.

SEE the beautiful sunrise on your journey to work.

SEE the amazing interactions between the people around you.

SEE the beauty in your every day.


We have three eyes; Two to look. One to see. So start SEEING.



Love J xoxo



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