Why travelling alone is one of the best things I’ve ever done

My love for life can be summed up with the gym, travel and sunsets. But travelling alone is a whole different complex. For lots of people travelling in true solo style is so daunting they have never even considered the idea. Some are even yet to consider going to dinner alone never mind transgressing continents. – something I may add, is actually a lot easier in a different city as no one knows you!

The challenges travelling alone  brings, I feel, are predominately because we are not used to our own company and therefore become reliant so much on others. We continue to live faster paced lives with more tasks to complete and less time to do them in. Hence we turn to others for support. Travelling alone provides us with too much time to think about any situations we’ve been avoiding and the feelings we don’t want to feel. – It’s uncomfortable and it’s difficult, and I don’t mean finding the right gate all by yourself. I mean difficult facing those hidden demons alone. But we need this time. To reflect. To consider. To grow. Because once you do it there is no going back. You have to try it, just once.


I still remember everyone’s reaction when I told them I’d be travelling to Dubai for a week and spending my 21st birthday hundreds of miles away from anyone I knew. It was one of THE best weeks of my life and I would do it one hundred times over. At the time it was EXACTLY what I needed. Catch my thoughts on my first Dubai trip here on my blog. And  you may as well catch my second trip to Dubai last year too here.

I have now travelled a couple of times by myself, twice in Dubai and also a few days in Canggu Yoga retreat as part of my Bali trip, so by no means am I a solo world traveller, but I do plan on adding another solo trip in the next month. Location TBC….


8 Bullet proof reasons why I think you should travel solo to another country at least once in your lifetime ….

  1. You find a new sense of peace – lets start with a cheesy one shall we. My love of Dubai has zero to do with the skyscrapers, super cars or the 7* luxury lifestyle, but everything to do with how I felt….. exploring the culture, the back streets, sitting watching the sunset everyday inside my own head, finding my own peace and my independence.
  2. You can do what you like, whenever you like, and however you like. – There is no timescale restrictions, no concern about everyone agreeing on what to do. Enjoy the moments how they are because they are yours.
  3. Your confidence will sky rocket – grab opportunities and don’t look back. – if currently the thought of going to dinner by yourself terrifies you then you may as well do it in a foreign country where nobody knows you hey??
  4. You meet the most amazing people and hear the craziest stories  – on my adventures so far I have met some truly wonderful – and sometimes very, erm, ‘interesting’ people. From wherever in the world they may be from, sharing your history and culture with one another is so inspiring.
  5. Self achievement and independence – this was one of the main reasons Dubai marks a new chapter of my life. To continue with the cheesy cliches the person that returned home to Heathrow was not the one that left. I am so proud I hit that Emirates flight booking and never looked back.
  6. You find the quiet inside your head – this is a hard one. And if you’re not ready then take your time. But living such a hectic life it’s often hard to stop and breathe. (Another blog here about living your life at 150mph).  And once we deal with these challenges inside our minds we are able to progress and appreciate our present.
  7. Food – enough explanation? I think so. I’m such a foodie and there’s nothing better than local traditional food!
  8. Self development – spending time alone allows a lot of time for reflection. And through this we become more self aware. One of my favourite Entrepreneurs says ….“You can read as many books as you like but if you can’t read yourself then you will never learn a thing.” – Steven Bartlett


And on that inspiring note until next time…..

All my love (and currently very itchy feet I haven’t left the country in 4 months ahhhhh!)


J xoxo

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