9 Ways to Stay Motivated in the Gym if You’re a 9-5’er

Hello my 9-5 friends. Whether you love your job or not, working full time is HARD WORK. I get it. The idea of dragging yourself to the gym on top of that is just the final straw that makes you want to curl up in a duvet cocoon and watch Friends on repeat for the rest of the year right? Well I’m here to help, I’ve got some solutions for you to keep that motivational wheel spinning….

1. Find Your Why –

There are infinite benefits to exercise, from improving your mood, feeling more confident in your body, reducing your risk of chronic illness such as heart disease,  maintaining a healthy weight, improving sleep quality, looking after your mental health, or just some YOU TIME. Find out what makes you push for that last rep. For me it’s headspace. My gym time is my time to switch off from the world. So what is your why?

2. Get Ready for the Gym-

Perhaps too obvious? But TRUST ME. Make the decision for your brain to get your ass to the gym easier by creating less options along the way. If your gym bag is already packed, you have your workout clothes with you and everything you need, you’re already starting to break down the barriers and excuses as to why you can’t go, hence making it easier for your brain to say YES.14F39FE8-C94A-4C3F-AB6D-E9667D23CAD6

3. Consistent Routine –

This is again about making it EASIER for your brain. Whether it’s training before you go to work, or on your way home, keep at it, each time the decision will get easier. Once you build a consistent routine and create the habit loop in your brain (more about this in it’s own blog, I could waffle on forever!) you will automatically go to the gym through your subconscious (very simplified but we’ll go with it!) . This means you will have to actively decide NOT TO GO to the gym, which makes it a whole lot more likely for you to end up at the gym!!

4. Programme your workouts –

Whether you use a personal trainer (oh hello, isss Meeeee!) or you plan one yourself, having a workout programme will help you to get in the gym, get your session done and get out. By completing a planned session you will feel more accomplished than if you wander round aimlessly until you’re bored. You WILL achieve more in that one session, you will PROGRESS more long term and you WILL keep motivated because of it.

5. Schedule your day-

I am an absolute stationary geek! I love a good planner and to-do list. When I’m on my A game I plan my week ahead on a Sunday evening. And when I say plan, I mean an hour by hour itinerary. Amazing topic of Parkinson’s Law – in summary “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. Be ambitious with your timing. You will work harder to get things done. Schedule family time/ date night/ watching 5 episodes of friends before bed into it too….. WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER 8E0AF8C5-5997-435E-9EE7-D985C23F1BB0

6. Use your lunch break-

Whether it’s 30 minutes or 60 minutes, do SOMETHING WITH IT. If you’re short on time go for a walk around the block or if you can be flexible and the gym is nearby get your workout DONE. Just PLEASEEEEEE get up from your desk. We are not made to be sat down for 8 hours staring at a screen. Get up and get active. You will feel refreshed and be more productive when you get back to your desk, win win!!

7. Accountability-

Workout with a friend. Say you’ll meet them at 6am or 6pm at the gym and be there! If I’ve planned to meet a friend for an early gym session you best believe I’ll be jumping out of bed in the morning, rather than hitting the snooze button 6 times.  Or perhaps book yourself onto a class if that’s more your style!

8.Get Your NEAT UP-

If Diren Kartal and #NEATUP247 isn’t currently in your vocabulary we’re about to make it so. NEAT = non-exercise activity time (aka any time you spend moving that isn’t structured workouts). This can be walking to work, taking the stairs instead of the lift, or walking up the left side of the elevator if you’re a Londoner on the Central Line. Now I can almost guarantee the stairs at work won’t be this quite pretty to walk up, but the benefits are all the same! Movement is good for our bodies so get going!IMG_7505

9. Morning Rituals-

There’s a tonne of reading on successful people and how they spend the first hour of their day. I truly believe it’s the most important hour of your day because it sets the standard for the rest of your hours until bedtime. How do you think you will feel and act for the rest of the day if 1, New you gets up and heads to the gym before work, smashes out a session and clears your mind ready to be productive for the day, while 2. the old you is hitting snooze 7 times and scrolls through instagram ‘influencers’ trying to sell you things you don’t need, straining your mental health comparing your behind the scenes struggles to them living their highlight reels and best life? I know how I’m starting tomorrow morning… and it begins with a cup of my favourite coffee! 


If you have any other tips comment below I’d love to hear and share them!


Love J xoxo





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