The Graduate Blues

The Graduate Blutes – A concept:

A lot of people say uni years are some of the best in your life. For me it was a necessary progression to develop my career path. My A levels were good and I liked structured education, so it was pretty much expected that I went to uni. Four years and a Bachelors degree later and here we are.

University is overhyped

Controversial I know. Uni is about partying, daytime napping and takeaways right? In reality it’s caffeine, making use of the 24 hour library and proof reading until the lines blur together. Not to mention the pressures you face throughout these years and challenges to mental health. In no sense was my experience all negatives, far from it, but the expectations of university and how much fun it will be are set so high, you almost forget you’re going there to complete a full time degree.IMG_3943

My views on uni are slightly different to the stereotyped uni student as I’m a little over the hangovers and sleepless nights…… surprisingly, I actually went to get a good degree, rather than have a 4 year long grade A social life. My priories throughout uni (and definitely still just this!) involve booking flights to whichever European city takes my fancy and topping up my vitamin D levels, rather than how many jaeger bombs I can get my hands on for £10! So when I finished my degree in June I wasn’t expecting to miss it in the slightest. I thought finishing uni meant freedom. I would finally be out of structured education, yipeeeeeeee I could get on with my life, because it was uni that was holding me back. I was in that mindset of waiting – read my blog here on the finish line of happiness and finding your purpose . I was very very wrong. Finishing uni means stepping out into the REAL WORLD and that is daunting beyond belief, trust me.

Fast Forward

And erm, well here we are, officially graduated this month – (but technically finished uni 6 months ago ). If I had £1 for every time someone asked me what I’m doing with my life now I would have no need for full time employment, my retirement fund would be set. I understand it is natural to be inquisitive and it’s nice to show an interest in others lives of course, but if you have been a uni student you will 100% understand what I am trying to explain here, am I right? (of course I’m right who am I kidding!) . When every single person asks you this same question it just adds to the pressure that you’re already mounting on yourself to be this fantastic successful graduate that people expect you to be.



Everyone talks about moving out into the big wide world at university, moving out from the comfort of your parents and fending for yourself in the wilderness that is university landlords and budgeting. Yet no one mentions when you finish uni, the moving back into your family home and feeling like you’ve taken a step back from adulthood. I loved my independence living away…. I can definitely cook more than beans on toast and actually enjoyed cleaning, but yet here I am back in the comfort of my home being princessed by my dearest mum with my favourite Sunday roast. Really though, can anything beat your mum’s home cooked roast?? When moving into halls at the youthful naive age of 18 I hadn’t even consider that in 4 years time I would be trying desperately to find storage space in the corners of our family home for my now futile uni kitchen items and other belongings when moving back in.

Being a graduate doesn’t mean you know what you want.

This issue of Graduate Blues is important to stop graduates believing they are the only one feeling this way. Lost. Our education system is geared towards getting your education and qualifications, not necessarily what you do once you’ve got them. Or how you utilise them to reach your potential and grow as an individual. I am currently in a very fortunate position that I can work part time and further develop my career path without being forced into a 9-5 job that I despise. For now this career path isn’t quite ready to be revealed to the big wide world, but just know I’ll be aiming to help as many people as possible, be as healthy and happy as possible.

Lost Graduates – just know that you are not alone. You will find your gift in time, the universe is ready for you.

Friends/family of Lost Graduates – support them as best as you can, they’re worth it.


And remember always,

“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away”



Keep grinding, you’ve got this b


Love J xoxo

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