What are we all waiting for?

I’ve had a little break from blogging due to work and studying being madness, but here’s an insight into what has been going on inside this little head of mine recently….

After speaking to a slightly intoxicated guest at a wedding at work a few weeks ago about the subject of life goals and regrets, it got me thinking. We all have this finish line for happiness…. for me personally – it was once I’ve finished uni everything will fall into place (yet here I am still waiting for this to happen!!!), or when I’m married, or when I have children, or when I’ve been travelling I’ll find myself, or when I’m retired, the list is endless. We feel like we have to tick all these boxes before we can allow ourselves to be happy. I understand we all have goals and aspirations in life. This sense of achievement brings fulfilment, and if this, plus seeing and creating happiness in those we love isn’t the purpose of life, I’m not sure what is?

Dont lose your spark trying to build fireworks

HOWEVER, we need to stop waiting, before our world’s stop all together. The first problem with enjoying the end goal but forgetting about the journey is that we are already limiting our happiness to one point in time . The second problem is that we’re always waiting for something better, which sadly is often materialistic because society brings us up telling us that’s what it is to be successful. And success = happiness right? or does it? To be in a higher position at work, to have a nicer car, a bigger house, more exotic holidays? But if you have no one to share these things with do they really mean anything? Do they even mean anything if you have the people in your life that you need anyway?

I’m just here trying to be as happy as this frenchie. (p.s if anyone wants to buy me one, I’m accepting donations now!)

We’re all forgetting to just stop once in a while. I do fully mean to sound as cliché as possible here, we’re forgetting to appreciate the little things in life. I’ve become a coffee shop regular for studying and even when I’m writing this now, seeing strangers meet with loved ones is so heart warming. A young couple besotted with their newborn melting my heart (and bursting my broody ovaries too!)

I am someone that is always ‘busy’. I always feel rushed, that there is not enough hours in the day, days in a week or weeks in a month. Always just one step behind. Yet, if I step back and take an outside point of view, I really just need to give myself a break. Enjoy not having the pressure of a mortgage while I still live at home, spend time with loved ones while I’m not giving 40 hours to a full time job right?

So in summary…. Stop once in a while. Take a breath. Stop worrying about the future. Be happy. Share your happiness. Make other people happy. Don’t be scared to let yourself be happy, you deserve it!!


All my happy love and positivity..

Love J xoxo





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