It’s time to be kind to your Mind

Mental health is a hard topic.  I think unless you’ve experienced any imbalances in your mental health it is difficult to relate. But in this post I’ve set out my 5 go to options for when I feel off balance (or I just deserve some time to myself!).

Receiving my degree results this month (Pat on the back for those gruelling 4 years of hard work rewarded with a 1stclass honours –!) means that it’s now hitting me I need to decide what to do with my life. In my previous post “So What’s Next?” I explored reducing the burden of career paths and all this adulting business. However, I’ve been becoming exponentially anxious about my future following my results. Think not only 1 year plan, 5 year plan but 10 and 20 year plans too running through my head. And yet, I haven’t even got my game plan for this summer set in concrete yet and it’s the end of July ((((((::

When I’m anxious I turn into goldust. I don’t want to be around anyone or anything and no one can help myself out of this mood but me. However, I do have a few go to solutions that help so I thought I would share them for anyone that needs some new ideas. Looking after your mental health is important for everyone, we train, nourish and rest our bodies for physical health, so why do we not do the same for our mental wellbeing? We don’t need to be off balance to put ourselves back on track. Sometimes it’s not looking after ourselves that knocks us off in the first place.


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5 Top Tips to Find Your Peace

1) Get outside. Be close to the water. Find a sunset. And breathe.

If you follow my socials you will know I’m a sun chaser. Part of the reason I loved living in Manchester by Salford Quays was spending every evening after work walking around the Quays with the sun setting. There is a connection between your energy, the warm feeling of sun on your skin, the golden glows of the sun set, wind blowing against your face and the sound of water in the background. My mind becomes clearer, my energies are more levelled, my frequencies are raised. The same feelings with Dubai. Watching the sunset every evening on the beach is my idea of paradise. Whilst I’m writing this I took a trip to a sunny spot in Suffolk and it’s doing just the trick! (I’m currently compiling a list of my favourite spots in Suffolk so keep your eyes peeled for that blog!)

2) Go for a walk. Exercise. Get the blood flowing and endorphins pumping.

This one isn’t just for my love of fitness and training. There is evidence linking the benefits of exercise and physical activity with mental wellbeing. Sometimes I can sweat out my thoughts and feelings and then be ready to deal with them. Albeit other times, I can’t get in my training zone and concentrate on my workout and it has the opposite effect and my mood gets worse through frustration. But it’s always worth a try as at least you’ve hit a session!

3) Talk.

Basic, simple, effective. Don’t hide and put your phone on airplane mode. Guilty over here. People care more than you think and more importantly other people also struggle more than you think. We’re not taught how to share our struggles to lighten the burden, so we need to teach ourselves. You’ll get perspective, and maybe even some troubleshooting solutions. And if all else fails you won’t feel alone, you will feel listened to and cared for.

4) Relax and take time out, but don’t hibernate.

Take time for self-care and love. This doesn’t have to mean spending money heading to Lush for bath bombs and filling in happiness journals. Don’t get me wrong, if you have the disposable income and it works for you carry on, if I had a bath rather than a shower suite then I’d probably do the same! Time is priceless. Sit and watch a movie. Say no to that over-time that’s stressing you out. If you don’t feel like going out, ask a friend to come over, put Mean Girls on and grab the popcorn. Find something that works for YOU.

5) Headspace App. Yoga.

Pssstttttt, I recently learnt that if you have student premium Spotify you can use Headspace for free!! If you’re not in the know, this is a guided meditation app. HOLD UP. Don’t scroll to the end of this post just yet! Open your eyes and open your mind. I used to think that yoga and mediation was only for the true yogi’s within us, yet I am committing right now to getting my 10 minutes in a day (AGAIN!). I previously used this app to help me sleep when my mind starting planning a world takeover every time I closed my eyes (defo not what it’s made for, but it worked wonders at the time!!). Now I plan on using it when `I first wake up so I can clear my mind ready for the day ahead. Write down all my goals for the day, ideas and dreams. (Not a sponsored recommendation, just truly believe in the app!). Alsoooo yoga is still not receiving the recognition it deserves in the ‘mainstream’ fitness industry. Everyone’s living their lives at 150 miles an hour waiting to crash.  Don’t knock it. Try it. If you can’t make it to a local yoga class, Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube is free and she is a goddess with a yoga video for your every need!

So this is me. I hope these tips help. If anyone has any of their own tips comment below I’d love to hear them!


Love J xoxo

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