Falling out of love with the gym

A title for a blog post I didn’t think I would ever write. I have luckily now rediscovered my purpose (and love) for training, so I’m sharing my top tips for rekindling that relationship with the best bar in town!!!

The gym has been my sanctuary. A safe place I can focus on myself and take time out from my busy world. Previous blog posts such as Exercise for the mind and body and Why do you exercise? show just how much I have cherished my time sweating out my worries. Recently things changed and I put too much pressure on myself and fell out of love with it all.

I took some time out to relax my training, going as and when I felt like it, and doing whatever I fancied whilst I was there. The problem is, with no goal you’re setting yourself up to just take an easy ride.“Direction is so much more importance than speed. Many are going nowhere fast.”



5 top tips if you’re struggling with the gym…

1. Don’t go to the gym. Silly right? But read it again. I said don’t go to the gym, I didn’t say don’t exercise. Just MOVE. Whether it’s walking to work, chasing your toddler around the park, doing the housework, going for a walk in the sunshine at the beach, just MOVE YOUR BODY. So you might not get all the benefits of a specifically designed training programme, but if you are HAPPY and moving your body then you are expending energy and using your muscles. Adherence to exercise is one of the biggest perceived barriers so let’s enjoy exercise first and foremost.

2. Try new things. Whether it’s Goat Yoga, the new HIIT class at the gym, a netball team or a fitness class on surfboards (like when I tried Float Fit see here). Running on a treadmill for 60 minutes a day isn’t my idea of fun. Try new things to keep you interested, enjoy yourself and maybe you’ll find a new hobby?! (and make some new friends of the not so human kind like Kevin Hart!). Also switch up your gym playlist too, this can work wonders!!


3. Workout with people that will challenge you. If I trained with 80% of my gym-goer friends we would spend more time catching up and chatting than hitting reps. Some my friends are perfect for an outside sunshine cardio walk, and others  don’t take my BS in the gym and push me to challenge myself. Choose your workout buddies carefully. But use each other! They probably train differently with exercise variations and can literally help to keep you on your toes!!

4. Appreciate your body and what it is CAPABLE OF. “Comparison is the thief of joy”. So if on insta you find yourself scrolling through your news feed thinking; why can’t I look like that, rather than wow that’s inspirational, unfollow their peachy a**. See my previous blog post You vs You for more info on this one.

5. Last and most importantly find a WHY. Find a purpose to why you choose to train. Remember it is a LUXURY to be able to put your body through a workout, from health to finance the barriers are endless. Break them all down and find what makes you grind.


Love J. xoxo









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