New Goals

These goals might surprise you by their simplicity. But don’t undermine the power of the basics……

There is no doubt I am always striving for muscle hypertrophy; bigger glutes, more defined obliques, that V shape upper body to create illusions of a tapered waist, basic bxtch aesthetic goals blah blah blah. The issue is, I’m relatively happy with my body at the moment and because my aim is muscle gain – we are forever playing the long game in the gym. So aesthetics are NOT my focus.

Why I need new goals?

Manchester honestly ruined me. I’d became so tired trying to keep my morning gym routine in a gym I really didn’t enjoying training at that I started to resent training. (Hence I switched to the fab JD gym and stopped forcing sessions, doing whichever type of training whenever I fancied.) Now I’m back home loving the gym, but I’m missing that adrenaline and endorphin release feeling of smashing a workout. I need a sense of DIRECTION. Creating some new goals to stick to will help get my healthy habits back and be beneficial for long term health, not just being fit for summer. Unapologetic PLUG – read last years blog  here on being ‘Fit for life, not just for summer!’

This blog is therefore slightly less fitness goals, but more daily life goals to create new habit loops. Due to lack of routine in my current life from studying and working shifts in different jobs, integrating habit loops will (hopefully) create some structure and routine.

So lets get to it.

We have established my goals for the summer/ immediate future are not aesthetic. They are a mixture of performance and lifestyle. I want to FEEL strong, full of energy, happy and healthy…….

  1. Scheduled and planned workouts (workout plan pending on IG, keep your eyes peeled)
  2. Progressive overload/ tracking workout progress (i.e reps/weights)
  3. Drink 2-3L water/day
  4. Get my 5 a day in (easy? weigh and count up your 80g portions, I doubt it you reach 5 every day!)
  5. 10k steps daily
  6. 8 hours sleep (do not underestimate the importance of your bed!)
  7. Prepare meals to go, preventing me from constantly eating whatever is in reach throughout the day like I do now! 
  8. Foam roll/stretch minimum 15 minutes daily
  9. Get back into conditioning/ functional training/ handstands. CROSS FIT  I hope you’ve missed me because I’m coming back!
  10. Flexibility improvements

I’ll be posting my workouts on instagram, but also posting a daily checklist at the end of the day whether I have completed some of these goals. This is more for my benefit to help keep me accountable, but also if anyone else wants to do something similar, it might give some inspo and we can all keep each other on track!

These 10 points may seem simple. The point is that they ARE simple. But habit loops are not simple, or quick to change. (Alsooooo, disclaimer I haven’t been working out properly for about 3 months now so goals 1 and 2 are a big step for me!)

I’ll check in again with goals progress in a month, before I head back to Dubai for a trip!


What are your fitness goals for the summer period?


Love J xoxo

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