So what’s next?

With the end of uni on countdown, everyone’s curiosity to my next step is exponential. (Mostly due to my cluelessnesss and lack of direction and hence lack of explanation!) If I had a pound for every time someone asked me what jobs I’m applying for, I wouldn’t even need to start working I’d have so much money!

Why does this even matter?

Well, up until now my decisions have almost always been made for me, as I’m sure most of you were the same. I went to school, got good grades -so went to sixthform, got good grades so went to uni –and now here I am, one month from being a graduate and the whole world at my feet. 200w-19.gif

The problem

….the perception of career paths is that once you decide to be a doctor, or  builder, or a lawyer you will always be just that. And THAT is the most daunting part of becoming an adult. Considering I’ve just turned 22, the prospect of nearly 60 years of that ‘all or nothing’ view that I might be doing the same thing 9am-5pm 5/7 days a week is very scary.  I’ve fortunately never been in a job I dislike, and I’m not about to start now, seeing as this will be full time work life. I want my career to be my passion. I want to have a purpose. I’m not joining that hamster wheel of living for the weekend.

Opening doors

I have been very privileged to receive a good education (and I have been grinding in employment, fitting in extra work hours where possible, already for a long time). So, I’m currently in a very good position to open A LOT of doors for myself. Which basically makes this whole thing EVEN harder. How some people grow up wanting to be a nurse, do the right education, qualify and still want to be a nurse amazes me, because that is just not me, AND THAT IS OK. I am  sure I am not the only one in this position.

I can barely decide on what to eat for dinner or watch on Netflix I’m so indecisive, so choosing what to do for the rest of my life, I have accepted, is an impossible task, so is not one I’m going to make just yet.

tumblr_nesnahz4n11tdy92ro1_500.jpgInstead of giving myself an ultimatum, I’m working on GOALS, long term, short term, career, travel, fitness, lifestyle. You name it, I’m making a to do list of goals for it. (Blog on my  current fitness goals is coming soon!!!)

But in summary, for now I’m going to finish my degree, enjoy my summer, work the jobs I currently have, finish my level 3 PT qualification, network and continue to open as many doors as possible! Just because I’m lacking direction at the minute, it does not mean I’m not grinding and progressing!!


So if you’re also in this position, just know you’re not the only one and you do not have to decide your future tomorrow and you CAN change your path if you so wish. YOUR world is just that, it is YOURS for the taking!

You can do anything you want to. Work hard and create the opportunities to do so.


Sending you all that power and my higher frequency vibes

Love J xoxo

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