Hot Yoga

As you may know I’ve been in Manchester for the last 3 months and I thought it was about time I give you all the insights into what I’ve been getting up to!

First up is Hot Yoga at The Yoga Loft. (FYI not sponsored!)

So, what is hot yoga?200w-13

Hot Yoga (aka Bikram yoga) is unsurprisingly pretty self explanatory…. You, very hot, doing yoga! It takes place in a heated room, approximately 25-40 degrees – although it definitely feels more like 50 degrees once your heart rate starts to rise!

The concept of hot yoga compared to other types of yoga…

I’m definitely not a yogi in any way, far from it in fact! Hot yoga is suitable for all skill levels, as you adapt your practice to your level! Due to being in a hot room, you warm up VERY quickly (before you’ve even started actually- this hot mumma over here, and everyone else in the room were sweaty before we even started! – perhaps slightly gross, but if you’re not ok with sweating when we exercise, then I think you’re reading the wrong blog!!). The heat does also help you to relax, and lengthen, enabling you to deepen your postures. Oh wait did I mention yet it’s hot…. Another benefit of the heat is as you’re so warm you have to focus a lot more on your breathing, and hence becoming more present in the moment, which actually causes you to calm the mind without realising…. because…. not even THIS multitasking queen can tick off her imaginary to do list, WHILST in 3 legged downward dog flows AND breath AND not fall over, all at the SAME time. And breathe! But in all seriousness, because of this higher level of focus, it helps you to switch off from the outside world, which is something I personally find a real challenge if I try and do yoga at home.

Thoughts on The Yoga Loft itself?

200w-17Fantastic! The instructor Sonya was perfect! I sometimes struggle to relate to some instructors, but she was the perfect balance of yogi seriousness and beginner realism. I also had the warmest welcome and everything was explained really clearly to me! I can’t believe I left it so late to try because I only have tomorrow to squeeze in one more class! Recommendation? 100%!!!!

So what’s next?

Puppy yoga is definitelty on my list! Or if anyone just happens to have a frenchie puppy they are happy to share for a couple of hours, (without the yoga) that would also be fab! I’m obsessed with them if you didn’t know!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts, feedback is always welcomed!  And if you know about anywhere in Suffolk that does hot yoga let me know! As always, if you have any other fitness challenges or events for me to try, drop me a message!






All my bendy yogi love

Love J xoxo

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