The Flight Lab – Aerial Yoga and Silks

Just a quick review of my experiences of The Flight Lab in Bury St Edmunds! (it was a while ago now – January – sorry it’s taken so long, living life and all that jazz!). Side note: not sponsored in any way I booked and payed myself!

If you want the short answer: I loved it, I’ll definitely be back and would 100% recommend.

If you want the long answer:

I tried silks (complete newbie!) and also aerial yoga (tried only once before in Bali!).

I should probably disclose that I had done some aerial arts before, doing pole fitness for a year at uni, but very different to silks or aerial yoga!!



Literally two silks hanging from a cage frame. It’s complicated in the technical sense of how you wrap the silks around you to ensure your safety. When you try the moves you do them first close to the safety mat and floor before trying them up higher. Ya girl is stronger than she thought and I managed to do every single move we attempted and my upper body strength holding myself was a lot better than I imagined! Definitely a lot of fun, even colour coordinated with the silks with my purple leggings.


…is a silk hammock also suspended from the cage frame.  Taking its inspiration from yoga, pilates and dance, it involves a series of suspensions, stretches and inversions all of which allows pressure to be released throughout your body. It is a little bit of a pinching feel in some poses but at no point did it feel painful or discomfort. Oh and you get used to  the head rush, just remember to BREATHE! After the class I felt soooo stretched out and like any tension from my body had just disappeared!!

My most important thing when visiting a new fitness environment is the people and how I feel. The instructor Clare was so lovely and super helpful and text me directions on how to find the studio and also info like what to wear! For me personally at the minute aerial classes don’t fit with my current fitness goals, so I won’t be doing them regularly. But I’ll definitely do them from time to time for something fun and different!


I hope this quick review is helpful! If you know any other different sports/fitness activities in Suffolk, Norfolk or Essex  hit me up on my contact page!


All my love

J xoxo



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