St Patrick’s Day in Dublin

So I recently visited Dublin for the weekend. (And from the title you may have cleverly guessed; it was St Patrick’s day weekend!) St Patrick’s Day, is also my BIRTHDAY and visiting Ireland on this weekend has been on my to do list for a while!

Due to work commitments it was definitely a whistle stop tour; landing 10pm Friday night and flying back Sunday at 2pm, but we made the most of Saturday! Here is what we got up to…..

  1. Brunch at Two Boys Brew– amaaaaazing food and definitely recommend!
  2. St Patrick’s Day Parade– Lots of floats and marching bands and people dressed up in costume! (It was absolutely freezing! Our feet had gone past being numb from the cold to just being painful, so we had to give in after an hour and defrost in a ¬†cafe!)
  3. Temple Bar – Now this is a location that is definitely a tourist hotspot, and was so busy the police were managing it as a one way system! FYI, for anyone not in the loop, it’s THE area of Dublin for great Irish bars and pubs! The atmosphere was great, and the bars were so busy the streets were packed with musicians and people singing and just having a great time! Most people were dressed in green or even fancy dress, or wearing signs saying ‘hug me for luck!’.
  4. Rugby – Temple Bar turned out to be so busy that we couldn’t get into a bar to watch the rugby, so popped into an Irish pub just around the corner! No idea what it was called so apologies, but it was great! Ireland had already won the Six Nations and also ended up beating England in the match too, so lots of chanting and celebrating!
  5. ¬†First Guinness– I had my first Guinness, which was surprisingly nice! I don’t really drink, but I don’t mind a bottle of corona in the summer – and I’d say Guinness is like flat beer?
  6. Chilli Club – We ate dinner at the Chilli Club, which is a southern Asian restaurant just close to Temple Bar. It was a small independent business and the food was great and would definitely recommend!

    We did plan on going out for cocktails after dinner, but by the time we got back to the hotel to change outfits, there was a snow storm outside!! (Courtesy of Beast from the East!) Neither of us were keen on leaving the hotel, so we sat by the fire with chips and apple pie!!


Due to all the events for St Patrick’s Day, we didn’t tick off the rest of the tourist bucket list, so I will be back for a few more ….

  • Guiness Storehouse
  • National Botanical gardens
  • Trinity College
  • Kilmainham Gaol
  • Old Jameson Distillery
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral

If anyone has anywhere they’d recommend for future visits in Dublin let me know! And also where to go on my next city break!! x

All my Irish love, until next time

J xoxo

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