22 Things I learned in 22 years

Today I turn 22. And in celebration of my birthday here are some of my golden nuggets of knowledge I’ve learnt along the way. I am currently in Dublin celebrating in true St Patrick’s day style so look out for a travel blog soon!

  1. Eat cake on your birthday. – because if we can’t eat cake on our own birthday what’s the point in even celebrating right?
  2. Eat ‘right’ and train ‘right’ 85% of the time and you will achieve the elusive ‘balance’ concept that all these fitness people (me included!) keep banging on about. It is not an absolute all or nothing rule, enjoy YOUR life!
  3. Travel while you can – I’m very privileged to have visited some worldly treasures already across the globe and my mentality is to continue this, spend your money on memories not things!
  4. 200w-8If you do not ask you will never get –  something I was always brought up with, but didn’t realise the context until I became more of an adult (if I’m even an adult yet?)
  5. Nothing in life is forever – whether it’s heartbreak, or happiness or anything in-between, everything in life is temporary. Cherish the good and embrace the not-so-good and always remember the storm will pass.
  6. Life is better with a tan – literally! As well as my beloved golden healthy glow I crave, vitamin D  comes from sunshine and is needed by our bodies so top up!200w-11.gif
  7.  Everyone on this earth has their own unique perspective of the world – a relatively new epiphany and one which honestly still baffles me slightly, but if someone is struggling to see your point of view remember how different their experiences may have been.
  8. Health is underestimated – this doesn’t need an explanation. If you don’t look after your health (mental and physical) you will have nothing in the future.  
  9. Your mum is a queen – she can find anything that is ‘lost’ and will always be right so don’t even try and disagree, you’ll have to admit defeat eventually anyway! –  (She is a miracle woman don’t mess with her!)
  10. No one controls your happiness besides you – so do not give anyone the key!!
  11. Be active –  inactivity literally kills the human body, so move more!
  12. Over prepare then go with the flow – coming from an obsessive organiser I like to feel like I have to know what’s going on, but sometimes we just have to let ourselves follow our paths from higher in the universe.200w-7
  13. (talking of paths) Finding your passion is one of the most important things that will happen in life – and it’s NEVER too late. The thought of working 9-5 for 5 days a week in a job that I do not love terrifies me. And is something I am working hard now so I can avoid later!
  14. Relationships matter. – Our generation has an issue with commitment and relationships. But whether it’s the postman or your fiancé, your girlfriend or your boss, your granddad or a complete stranger, every single relationship in life matters because every single relationship is a chance to make someones day that little bit brighter.
  15. If you don’t step forward you will always remain in the same place – obvious perhaps, but when you get a lil bit philosophical… how many times has the fear of failure stopped you from taking a chance or stepping outside your comfort zone. Next time use the 5 second rule!
  16. Follow your gut. Whether it’s telling you to eat that extra slice of birthday cake or someone in your life isn’t part of your path then it’s probably right!
  17. Put down your phone once in a while and live a little! – something I definitely learnt in terms of social media and it’s negative effects on my personal productivity levels when I ditched Instagram for a week and wrote my thoughts in the blog. So try it!200w-12
  18. Not everyone in life will like you. And that’s more than ok. You’re not here for them, you’re here for you.
  19. If you are struggling, take a breath -it works wonders and calms the mind.
  20. It’s ok not to be ok. And it’s ok to seek help and support. Slowly our generation is breaking the stigma on mental health and is something I could not be more proud of and encouraging for. If you need someone to listen, there will ALWAYS be someone.
  21. Believe in miracles – I truly believe I am going to have  a positive impact on the world and this is my goal. It may be a miracle if it happens, but believing it is the first step.
  22. I’m still figuring everything out – I may seem like I’ve got my life together, but I promise you I absolutely do not. So fake it until you make it beauties because we got this!!

All my 22 years full of love,

J xoxo



  1. Wilf
    March 17, 2018 / 8:54 pm

    With regards to point number 7, you might like this old advert:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Petr
    January 22, 2019 / 5:21 am

    Wise words! 🙂

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