What I learnt ditching Instagram for a week.

Success! I managed 7 whole days without checking in to see what was going down on the gram. I am a new woman! And here are my epiphanies from the last week of being double tap free….

Why did I give it up?

Short version: I was exhausted and needed a break. Being interactive on social media is draining and can become a chore. I was putting all the motivation and inspiration I had into my posts, leaving nothing for myself. Hence the detox. And the results? I do not feel like I have missed out! I didn’t see any of it, so I have nothing to miss! If anything groundbreaking happens with people you care about they will tell you some other way!

Side note:  I didn’t cut out all social media cold turkey, I did still use twitter, Facebook and snapchat – probably more than I would usually, but overall definitely spent soooooo much less time handcuffed to my phone!  

Lesson 1:

I value other people way too much. And apologies, I mean this in the most selfish way possible. Focusing on myself for 7 days increased my productivitypositive thoughts and my general mentality. There was less ‘Oh that outfit is nice, why don’t I have it?’, or ‘Her body is beautiful, why don’t I look like that?’ etc etc. I am happy with my body and yet I still constantly scrutinise myself with unrealistic comparisons on insta. And after a week of self-reflection there is less emptiness and a lot more gratitude and appreciation. 

Lesson 2:

Instagram/social media are often connections in a false sense of reality. The whole concept of social media is that it is social. But, it is the opposite. People become so lost in the online world and sharing their experiences with others on this platform they forget to live in the present, the here and now. They’re more worried about posting a story of the experience on their profile than telling the actual story to their friends the next time they see them.

Lesson 3:

I have broken the habit. Habits happen without conscious actions, so I had to take steps to break the cycle. I deleted the app. This way, rather than just one automatic tap I would have had to actively re-download it and log in, in which time I would realise and stop!!(luckily it didn’t even get to that stage I wasn’t even tempted!) Breaking the habit loop is the toughest part and now it’s done I feel like I have regained control.

I am in no way trying to demonise social media platforms. They are great and they have many benefits to society.  Instagram is a great platform for inspiration, motivation, and sharing experiences, but it can be toxic. Everything in life can be toxic ….you can die from drinking too much water. The poison is in the dose. This also means though that these things can also be healthy is moderation. Use everything in life to benefit YOU. (TIP: if you have an iPhone check your battery usage to see which apps you spend the most time on!)

The next time you are on social media just ask yourself a few questions…What am I looking at? How do I know this person?  Does it have any ounce of relevance to my life? What is it adding to my life? And am I benefitting from this in any way?


I CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT INSTAGRAM. However, I AM getting back on the gram for now. I’m going to restrict my time  to 30 minutes in the morning (when I usually do my posts) and the same in the evening to catch up.

Do you think a break from social media is something you need? Comment with your thoughts!

All my love, always

J xoxo

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