Waking up at 4:45am

You may have noticed I’ve become an early bird even earlier bird over the last few months, (although exhausted pigeon is currently a more accurate description!). Why I get up so early, how I stay motivated and simply where the method is in my madness are my most common questions.


200w-2I’m going to keep it simple and get straight to the point. I give myself no choice. I have so many things to do, if I didn’t train in the morning I would not have time. Always complaining there is not enough hours in the day? Getting up earlier literally adds hours to your day. So while you catch-up up on beauty sleep and dream about how to reach your goals I’m kicking my own ass in the gym! I genuinely love training so much and this purely the reason I manage to get up. It’s the best part of my day so I don’t want to skip it. And side note- not once I have I regretted it (even if I’ve felt exhausted and not done a lot at the gym, I’m always proud I made it and did SOMETHING!). Consistency is the key. And habit is the lock. I thrive off routine and knowing what I’m doing and where my head is at, so I feel less anxious and overwhelmed by all that is going on in my life if I’m organised and prepared for anything and everything. – including taking on the world, one box jump at a time!

In all seriousness HABIT is honestly most of the answer to the mystical craziness behind my early mornings. Good habits are as bad to break as bad habits.

By training early I have to be organised, I have to be prepared and I have to be strict with myself in order to get to work/hospital placement on time.

So how do I do it? Well it’s certainly not at 5am when I am ‘awake’ because I am definitely not awake at this time. I am some kind of apocolypse zombie on autopilot. I have a time schedule I know I need to stick to (written in iPhone notes because forgetful over here/ 5am brain!).

PREP… night before……

  • Work bag 100% ready
  • Lunch prepared in fridge
  • Work clothes on coat hanger by my door
  • Gym bag packed and by my door
  • Gym clothes ready and next to my bed (so I don’t even need to leave my warm cosy bed to get dressed!)
  • Breakfast also ready  (I have it in tupperware next to my bed the night before as I have cereal with no milk- Yes I’m one of those – so another extra 5 minutes in bed!)

Are you noticing a trend yet – ORGANISATION. (I tend to do all this prep as soon as I get in from work, ready for the next day so it doesn’t get to bed time and I’m too tired/lazy/forgetful to do it!

Also make sure you get your beauty sleep. I aim to be asleep for 10pm weeknights, so I definitely get 6 hours minimum if not more! Then catch-up on any extra beauty zzzZZZZZ on a Sunday!


So anyone want to sign up and join the early squad yet then?200w-4


All my early morning love

J xoxo


  1. February 22, 2018 / 10:23 pm

    Love the organization! That is something I need to do- I think I will be stealing some of your tips. I need to get healthier, but I must start by changing my mindset. Truly enjoyed reading your blog!

    • February 23, 2018 / 6:31 am

      Ahh thanks Hun let me know how you get on!

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