Making a splash with Float Fit Ipswich

So first things first, what exactly is float fit? Well, it turns out that the name itself is a pretty good indictor of what you’re letting yourself in for. Fitness, whilst floating on an ‘aqua base’/ giant float board, on top of a swimming pool. Sounds like most people’s worst nightmare, so of course I had to try it!



I roped some friends from the gym Lottie, Isaac and Kamal into joining me at Float Fit in Ipswich. Taught by George Mccallam, hosted by Juliette John, held at the beautiful location of The Lodge, in Ipswich/Tuddenham.


We chose the HIIT (high intensity interval training) 30 minute class. (They also do a pilates/yoga style class!). You start in the water and climb onto your board, so the fear off falling off is instantly gone, as you are accustomed to the water and being wet already! The boards are secured by ropes so you don’t bump into each other!

The HIIT class consisted of pyramid rounds, increasing the number of exercises each round, up to 5, then decreasing. (There is music playing for anyone like me who despises working out in silence!)

For example, 30 seconds of squat jumps (or squat jumps with an 180 degree twist if you’re feeling brave, or simply squats if jumping seems a bit daunting!), then 30 seconds of active rest, wobbling the board from side to side to make waves!

Next, squat jumps, plus press ups, then active rest.

Next, squat jumps, plus press ups, plus burpees, then active rest….. get the idea?

So it is definitely a full body workout and perfect way to challenge that core through instability of the board and movement of the water. Think you’ve got enough  core strength and balance to help you stay afloat? Think again. And if you do manage to stay up initially like myself, congratulations, but your adventurous side of your personality will take over and have you trying the next level up just to see how far you can go!


It was fab! Well taught by the instructor. Lots of variations with each exercise, for them to be more or less challenging appropriate to the individual. Not quite my typical killer gym session, but definitely more of a workout than I expected! My core and balance was 110% put to the test! I love that if you take drag your friends along with you it becomes a group session all to yourselves (up to 5 boards in the pool!) . I’d say the fun aspect and something new is more appealing to me, compared to the demand of the workout. I did fall off a few times, (potentially because I got a bit too brave with my burpee and squat jumps!) but just hop back on again and keep going!

So rather than going out to dinner or drinks with your friends to catch-up why not try a new activity or exercise and keep yourselves active!

If there is any other new and exciting fitness crazes you’ve heard of and recommend let me know!

All my crazy fitness love

Love J xoxo


(FYI this post is not sponsored xox)


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