City adventures in Prague

Diamonds Adventures are forever.

So I’m currently sat in the cutest, most individual coffee shop I have ever visited, somewhere in the middle of Prague. (Courtesy of Ryan Air’s crazy low price seat sale in November- £25 return!!). 

What is this coffee shop I speak of? Vnitroblock. I am going to avoid a terrible attempt of an explanation of interior design and leave you with their Instagram link and some pictures. Serving amazing coffee and food, playing chilled music, and selling clothing, accessories and vinyls, and last but not least, full of incredible artwork. It is definitely a million miles above my standard Starbuck’s coffee locations! (Found by yours truly, looking through Prague’s Instagram story on arrival!! )


Another coffee shop we came across was Loft Cafe Karlin , which we simply walked past and enjoyed their window aesthetic, so decided to pop in for some Hot chocolate and Oreo cheesecake! Definitely recommend!

We have of course visited the typical sights of this absolutely beautiful city. Google the Top 10 attractions in Prague and ta-dah you have yourself a starting list. The city itself is easy to travel around, by metro, tram and of course foot- my daily step count has been way over 20k every day! We didn’t make an itinerary or plans at all, just went with it!


Although the ‘tourist’ style sights of the city are of course stunning, Rosie and I found walking around the city itself just as outstandingly beautiful. And the unexpected finds are the best, as they are off the beaten track and not bustling with tourists!

We came across the Honest Guide to Prague in a magazine.  From their guide we found an amazing Vegetarian restaurant (as I’m vege), which we visited last night: Lehka Hlava and I can support their claims the food and atmosphere of the restaurant was brilliant, tucked away in a side street! Today we are on a cocktail crawl, also courtesy of the guide- day drinking, as we need to leave our hotel at 4am to make our flight tomorrow morning!

Oblaca bar

-update this was a one bar, crawl, as… 20k daily step count + two ‘fitness” gals with high muscle and low alcohol tolerance + strong cocktails = two sleepy heads 

Last but not least, if you haven’t had a chimney cake before, get one! It is a great snack for the sweet toothed to warm up, whilst wandering the beautifully gothic

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 12.58.16.png
Chimney cake

streets of the city! Originally from Hungary (had my first one in Budapest), but common in many Eastern European countries, it’s something I’d definitely recommend- my favourite filling = strawberries and melted chocolate!

For more pictures see a few below, check out my Instagram shown on the side of the page or click here !


Until the next adventure…

With love

J xoxo


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