Striving for progress, not perfection

‘The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and healthy, the pursuit of perfection is frustrating , neurotic and quite frankly a terrible waste of time.’

The fitness industry has recently been taking the world by storm. And I do think this is great, of course I do…. An exponential amount of people striving for better health through training and eating well, what could be better right? But we are subsequently creating this ideology of perfection that simply does not exist. The perfect diet, the perfect training programme, the perfect body, the perfect performance – they simply do not exist. There is no one perfect thing.

I am all for aiming high. Do not let people try to dictate to you what you are and are not capable of. The sky is not your limit. There is a whole galaxy out there. Raise your frequency and the universe will meet you there. But there is a very subtle difference between being positive and being unrealistic. In every element of the word, body image,b5f0ce1b2df5402eb075e646d2a99628--typographic-design-typography-inspiration career, relationships, diet, training and exercise, lifestyle… we are able to be happy and content without it being ‘perfect’. Because I’m sure if you found the happiest person in the world, there is something they could improve in their life, it would not be ‘perfect’.

Using myself as an example; this concept is something that I am still coming to terms with. Often the thought of something not turning out perfect would stop me from even attempting whatever it may be; paralysis by analysis, through the worry I will not be good enough. But if we worry that we will not be able to be perfect we will forever be worrying and we will never move or progress.  So letting go of this idea of perfection is something I’ve been trying to do. This is in every aspect so behaviours, cooking, training, body image.

I would say that I am happy with current physique and reasonably contented, but it is definitely not perfect. As soon as you start asking me what I would like to improve, I could create you an endless list of things I dislike about myself and/or would like to improve; hence the reason I choose to focus on the things I like about my body- why would I want to create my own UNhappiness by picking out all of my perceived flaws on a daily basis whilst simultaneously striving for a non-existent concept?? I have learned to accept that the perfect body does not exist. My goals, perceptions, ideologies, thoughts, moods etc etc constantly change. This doesn’t even happen daily, but can be hourly or even from moment to moment. How can we expect our bodies that take months and years to show changes from training and the right nutrition to change according to our goals that vary on such a frequent basis. I do have body goals, of course I do. I have things in life also that  I am aiming and striving for, but I am aware that this concept of perfection does not exist. We do however need goals to direct our purpose, or we would be wandering around aimlessly forever. But these goals do not have to be that of achieving perfection in our chosen area. We have to be fearless in pursuit of what sets our souls on fire. 

Letting go of the illusion that is perfection is the most alleviating feeling. It does not mean we are giving up. We are still striving for improvements and progression. It is in our human nature to always want more and better ourselves and that is more than ok. But what is not ok, is running ourselves into the ground in search of perfection, as the concept of perfection simply does not exist. And it is something very important for us to accept. Perfection is an illusion of our own creation; meaning firstly it is completely subjective, but also that it is formed from our own minds from our perceptions and experiences. It is not real. If we forever strive for perfection we will lead unfulfilled lives. How can we expect ourselves to feel content searching for a finish line that does not exist? So life is not about being perfect. It is about showing up, bringing you’re A-game, challenging yourself in new ways and fulfilling your purpose and sharing your happiness with the world. 

If we wait for perfection to be happy we will be waiting the rest of our lives.

So do something every day that will bring you closer to your goals, and let’s strive for excellence, not perfection.


Love always J xoxo


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