Why do you exercise?

Lots of people struggle with motivation for the gym or exercise, especially in winter time. (Making a very general broad assumption here)…. this is often associated with the fact that we are not working on our vitamin D stores, scorching ourselves in the Italian Riveria/ Caribbean tropics/ Arabian deserts  in our bikinis and board shorts, showing off those so-called ‘summer bods’.


So, why do you exercise? Aesthetics? Competitive sport? Health? Social? Challenge? Habit? Mental release?

I admire people who happily express they work out purely for aesthetics. There is absolutely nothing wrong with only working out to look good. It’s great if you feel this is sufficient to continue your motivation all year round and  isn’t just for your 2 week vacay!

However, as now the British summertime is long gone and if so is any sight of your motivation to exercise, then maybe we need to consider finding some new inspo?

The benefits of exercise are literally endless and I’m sure you could repeat them in your sleep from me banging on about them, but if you need a recap check out this previous blog…  Fit for Life. 

When we exercise and get a good pump, or have a KO, or win the football match, smash a new 1RM PB,  we get that adrenaline rush and reinforce that motivation to continue. Reinforcing how exercise gives us a positive FEELING.

But this is exactly what a lot of people are missing – how exercise makes you FEEL rather than just how you LOOK.

Obvious (or not!) we live in our bodies every single day of our lives. Yet, I bet some people take better care of their phone or their car, than they do their own body…… Our health is one of the single most important things in this world, because without it we might not be here. So how about we look after ourselves a little more? – physically and mentally as always.


We shouldn’t feel like we’re restrictively dieting and exercising; we should be fuelling, nourishing and training our bodies. Training for life that is. Life is hard. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my body to become my limiting factor in my lifestyle and opportunities if I can have that decision – which right now we DO. We can decide to improve so many aspects of our health and fitness that have a major role in our long term health. Yes, we will all see the other side one day, but I’d like to make my time here, the happiest, healthiest and longest it can be!

Think about all the things your body does on a daily basis, that is so subconscious we often completely forget it even happens. Training sufficiently will enable your body to improve your entire wellbeing- literally from head to toe.


As much as I love abs. I’m more excited by the improvement in my core strength and the functional capabilities of my body. It truly amazes and inspires me that  I can train my body to do whatever I want it to. And this is MY motivation to train. I love pushing my body to new limits and finding new challenges. I am very competitive. With myself that is too!!

We need to focus more on how exercise makes us feel and the benefits that it gives us, if we’re struggling with motivation, rather than just on working out because you want abs and bigger arms or a bigger bum. For example, we need to focus on how building a stronger core gives you improvements for-……


  • posture
  • preventative of back pain/ injuries
  • breathing
  • stability/balance
  • increasing ease of everyday tasks

Genetics, body fat and lean body mass play a massive role in the appearance of abs so just because those magical lines aren’t as defined as we like sometimes, we need to focus on the actual internal benefits our abdominals are providing, (as well as a little external satisfaction when those abs come out to play!).

Right now, think about (it works better if you write it down) why you exercise and what benefits you get from it, the progress you’ve made, the opportunities it has created, the friends it has introduced you to, it could be anything….


Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate,


Love as always

J xoxo

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  1. November 11, 2017 / 9:25 am

    I exercise for my mental health mainly, but also because I want my physical body to be able to do the work my mind/soul tell it to do haha. Great post 😁👌

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