You have the same hours in the day as Beyoncé

Let’s talk about time management.

“I don’t have time” and “I’m too busy” are two phrases I hear too often. – Perhaps, because people, (me included), are hesitant to be honest and admit, whatever the subject is, it is not a priority at this moment in time. The things that are important to you, ultimately, you WILL make time for.

Ever heard the quote….”If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” ……Why does this make sense? Because they can already manage their time well that’s why.

“I want to lose weight”. “I want to build muscle”. ”I want to get ‘toned’”. “I know I need to exercise more.” ……. but I just don’t have the TIME. People often say they don’t have time for exercise. They do. A 1 hour workout is 4% of your day. FOUR PERCENT!!! They just don’t want it enough to make it a priority. They don’t MAKE time. There may be other barriers present, and perhaps this excuse of lacking time is used to prevent having to face these issues.

Remember. We have the same hours in the day as Beyoncé.

Here’s a little run through of my typical week at the minute whilst 4th year uni student on 12 week hospital placement –

  1. Training at the gym minimum 5 x week (6am before work)
  2. Monday-Friday 9am-5pm hospital placement
  3. Saturday 9am-6pm working part-time in Manchester
  4. Studying for degree/ uni work/ placement portfolio
  5. Studying for level 2 & 3 Personal Training Qualifications
  6. Growing social media following to build a client base for when I am a qualified PT
  7. Self-proclaimed blogger duties – not going to write itself!
  8. Planning for post-uni future (top secret!)
  9. Adult things (Cook all meals for the week, washing, food shopping, petrol, cleaning etc)

I am busy. Very busy. But by personal choice. I’m trying to show the sacrifices I decided to make, in order to fit in the things that are currently necessary, at this time in my life. Gymming early in the morning means that I know my workout will get done – even if it has to be cut short due to time restrictions, I have still done something. I also then have my evenings free for the rest of my to-do list! As much as I would love more time training, I have to accommodate all the things I want to do at the minute. I’m willing to backseat my gym work to help progress my long-term life goals. My life right this second is not how I want it. But it is temporary, and it is necessary, to reach my goals. I am working VERY hard now, to get to where I want to be later. Goals and dreams are just that, goals and dreams, without a plan or any action.

Top tips:

-To Do List’s (obvious I know, BUT simply writing it down begins the process of filtering out what is, or is not, necessary/important, so expand your mind….)

  • -goals for the day
  • -goals for the week
  • -goals for the month
  • -goals for the year


-Use your to-do list to structure your days, so you don’t waste time deciding what you’re going to do first. Trust me, (the procrastination queen herself), that all you will achieve by failing to prepare, is preparing to fail. Paralysis by analysis. Don’t do it. Don’t over think it. Just start. Because, if you’ve started, you’ve done better than doing nothing. And once you’ve started, you can adjust your sails to reach your X treasure on the map, but if you don’t leave the shore you’re going nowhere hunnie.

SO…. Choose what you need to do. Set a limit for when your’e going to do it by. Plan how you will achieve it. Think where you will get it done. Believe you CAN. Do it. Be happy.


A weekend well spent brings a week of content.

Just START, what’s the worst that can happen?

Have a productive weekend peaches.


Love J xoxo



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