Battle scars

-Stretch marks, back dimples and scars. 

So there’s an issue that needs addressing. ‘Imperfections’. I use quotation marks because, in my not so humble opinion, this is a load of BS and these are the reasons why….

I have stretch marks (exhibited above in Bali). I am covered in scars from various things. And in all honesty, the flaws of my skin are one of my biggest confidence hold-ups. But this blog isn’t about me. Mentioning my own insecurities is to help others to relate to how they’re feeling and support one another. The fact my skin doesn’t look airbrushed like a magazine model 24/7 doesn’t make me a bad person. In case you haven’t noticed, I am one fabulous human….am I not? (I am at least trying to be!)

I digress. Back to stretch marks. When I discovered them I’ll admit I was genuinely horrified. Why? Because we’re taught in society that these marks are what pregnant women get, or people that do not look after their bodies. So companies sell us their miracle cures to get rid of these marks. Reinforcement that they are an ‘imperfection’ that needs to be covered up, and repaired by their magical creams and oils.

However, since this time of discovery, I have made a new discovery… I quite like them. My stretch marks are on my hips and glutes, so not typically seen by others at the gym, or normal daily life.            — Not that anyone else that has seen them has ever passed judgement. Can you seriously imagine some random stranger coming over to you while you’re lying on the beach working on your tan (and topping up your vitamin D of course!), in your bikini and saying ‘’oooh darling have you not noticed those horrific stretch marks, you should really cover those up!” – how ridiculous does this sound?! So why are we all so conscious of them just because the media says we should be?

….I have been telling myself as such and gradually beginning to love them. They are a product of my hard work in the gym. The reason I have them is not due to poor diet and lack of exercise, but in fact the opposite. I have made so much progress in the gym in recent years that my body has not been able to keep up with my growth. Could be worse huh? A few tiger stripes from battling the squat rack in the gym are nothing, and more importantly they mean nothing too. They are slowly becoming something that I am proud of.

I’ve also begun to appreciate the other ‘imperfections’ on my skin. Back dimples. Something I used to think looked like I’ve been stabbed twice with a pole. Now however, I genuinely, truly LOVE them. Why? Because they’re part of me. They have no influence on my personality, my contributions to the world, or the kindness I show to others, so why see them in a negative light. Actively choosing to appreciate them has begun to lift aspects of my body confidence. Learn to love your body. Conquer your mind and you can conquer the world.

I am covered in other scars, mainly from clumsiness, or doing things, admittedly, I probably shouldn’t even have attempted. Some scars are from surgeries I’ve had. I’m healthy, alive and happy, so we should be proud of these marks on our skin, they are proof of this and proof of our journeys and our struggles we have faced along the way. So far, mine is clearly that I’m a clumsy mess, OOPS, but despite this I am still a happy lil chick working on her fitness, health, self-love and sense of POWER.

In summary, we are all beautiful. Our stretch marks, back dimples and all scars included. As always the focus should be on health; mental, as well as physical. Try and actively choose to see your body in a positive light and see what happens…. (natty lighting is always that of choice for the record haha)


Stay happy and healthy,

All my love

Love J xoxo

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