Criticism 101 with J

Remember not to let compliments get to your head, or their criticism get to your heart. Try to be an encourager, the world has enough critics already……

These are not direct quotes but things I’ve heard/been told in similar words…. and some very sassy thoughts and feelings on them from yours truly.

“You’re so lucky to have your figure” or “you must have amazing genetics.”

I do indeed have amazing genetics, have you met my mother?! She is an awe-inspiring athlete who looks incredible and probably definitely has a better fitness level than me! Fitting her training around full time work, 3 children and keeping our house in order. She is indeed Wonder Woman! In all seriousness, no one is just given his or her physique; it’s not a lottery. By ‘good genetics’ people are often unknowingly referring to body types i.e mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorph. But the basic fact is, genetics do not automatically make someone a fit healthy person or vice versa. Unless they are a world-class athlete I doubt they have reached their genetic potential and even then they can condition themselves to improve. It’s their lifestyle and behaviours limiting them, not their genes. Stop playing the blame game.

My health and physique are the furthest thing from luck I can tell you. Hours of training, and eating well to support said training, is definitely not luck, but instead hard work, commitment and whole tub of passion (or peanut butter in my case!).

…..Whilst on the case of peanut butter and eating. People are forever in shock when I go out for dinner and fill myself with a 3-course meal (Italian, Mexican or Spanish is my favourite if you ever want to come with just ask)

“I can’t believe you put things like that in your body. I thought you treated it like a temple? How do you eat that and stay ‘in shape?’ If I did the same I’d put on a stone just looking at it. “

I do treat my body like temple (95% of the time), but I do not feel guilty for fuelling my body. Eating is a survival behaviour not a luxury, or a treat. You are not a dog, so do not use food as a reward as it reinforces negative eating behaviours.

Yes, I choose ‘indulgent’ higher calorie, lower nutrient dense foods less frequently because I understand the importance of good nutrition, but nourishing your body is a requirement for life. Eating a slice of chocolate fudge cake, or a bowl of ice cream, pizza, popcorn etc, is not going to sabotage months of training. Label these above foods as you wish but I do eat them, just in moderation. Everything can be healthy in moderation, and vice versa.

….so whilst eating these often ‘demonised’ foods I’m also simultaneously being told I “shouldn’t be so skinny” and I “need to eat more”. Make up your mind love. (Or even better, stop telling people how they should treat their body) – I also reeeeeallllllllllyyyyy do not appreciate being called too skinny either, as some of you may know). You wouldn’t tell someone they are too overweight would you? Or would you? Anyway, telling anyone their body is ‘too anything’ is saying they are imperfect and there is something wrong with them. Of course I’m not saying I’m perfect in any sense (this is the point where you profusely argue with me that I am indeed the personification of perfection), but in all seriousness pointing out other people’s imperfections is unnecessary. Unless you are a healthcare professional or hold the necessary qualifications, it is not you’re your role to play in passing judgement on someone’s weight and state of health. Leave it to the pros.

I am forever being told off for going to the gym so much. -“Why do you need to go to the gym again, look at you.”

  1. The reason I am in my current physique is because I consistently go to the gym
  2. How can you discourage someone’s desire to better and improve themselves in a healthy manner? (I also don’t go to the gym solely for physical aesthetics- read one of my first blogs Exercise for the mind**)

Health and fitness is a journey and a lifestyle. It is not a part-time hobby you pick up just because you’re going to ‘Napa in two weeks time and want a ‘banging holiday bod’. As in a previous post, we need to be fit for life, not just for summer!

I am learning to deal with criticisms (not very well yet, but slowly as you can see). I am beginning to build the confidence to see the funny side and not worry what people think quite so much. Keep up the good work and don’t let people’s opinions discourage you from reaching your goals. You just do you boo boo.


“First they will ask you why, then they will ask you how.”


Love J xoxo

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  1. August 29, 2017 / 2:25 pm

    Your mother is indeed an awesome athlete as well as a beautiful person inside and out. You have got an excellent role model and are carrying on the excellence. 😆

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