Fit for summer, or FIT FOR LIFE?

It’s that time of year where the media is reminding you it’s time to get your SUMMER BODY, again.

I’m personally already fed up of every form of media telling me my body isn’t good enough for the next season. Well it is good enough and so is yours. Our self worth is not
determined by being ‘bikini body ready,’ or guys having the biggest biceps and chiselled abs – apologies for the stereotypes but you get the point. Fewer clothes (if this is your preference to summer attire) should not make you more conscious of your appearance, body image or make you feel like you should look a certain way. There is increasing pressure on guys as well as girls now to get themselves ready for their big summer blowout in Ayia Napa. A few years ago Protein World had a controversial summer campaign ‘Are you beach body ready?,’ safe to say it wasn’t appreciated by many and received some backlash campaigns from other companies….

So are you getting fit for life, or fit for summer?

I’m not going to hide the fact I am currently on a cut (calorie deficit) which I will finish in June. But I have spent the winter training hard and eating well (most of the time) in order to build my physique. I do choose to do this in hiding in the winter and then hopefully in June reveal my new and improved physique to reveal the progress I have made. I’ll save my fit-shaming rant for another day, but I work hard training and eating well all year round, so why shouldn’t I show people and be proud of all my work? My aim is always to inspire and empower others, not make them feel bad or demotivated.

Enough about me…Exercising, eating a healthy, balanced diet and leading a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle should not just be for the summer. You should not feel expected to lose weight or have bigger muscles due to perceived social norms or expectations. I believe this fitness movement is all about training for life and being fit for life. To be healthier and happier forever, not just the two weeks of British Sunshine and your 10 days on the beautiful Cypriot beaches.

tumblr_ndtp1fguFq1tkn5doo1_500Exercise has so many basic but forgotten benefits – see one of my first posts – ‘Exercise for the mind and body’. Of course it’s great if summer is the motivation you needed to stay away from your daily takeaways and sofa surfing and hit your 5-a-day fruit and veggies and get in your 150 minutes of exercise and physical activity for the week. But don’t let it be your only motivation. Be active and healthy because it will benefit you, not because you want your annual fit pic to put on the gram and get a ton of likes. People double tapping their iPhones doesn’t increase your quality of life, meeting your exercise guidelines, eating a healthy balanced diet and looking after your mental wellbeing, in a sustainable way, does.


It may be April and slightly overcast outside but put down the smart phone and get your smart ass outside for a walk

Be FIT for LIFE not just for summer.


Love J xoxo



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