Personal Training

…..a PT is more than someone standing there telling you what to do/shouting words of encouragement as you grind out that last rep. The knowledge they provide (as well as a killer workout) is invaluable. Knowledge is power.

I hear a lot of people say PT’s are expensive. But you wouldn’t think twice about going out out  filliing your body with alcohol and poor diet choices, or out for dinner or buying jeans (or in my case Nike) with the same amount of money. Your health is an investment, so invest in yourself.17426390_10211219072064913_3085495621475786760_n

I started having a PT last summer. Over the period of the summer I progressed so much (and since too of course) I can now train alongside my PT (Her name is Silvia, she works at Fitness First and she is absolutely one of my favourite people! pictured right…).

Although I’d like to think I know what I’m doing in the gym, after hours of watching fitness youtubers and reading research, a change in routine is always good. Doing the exercises you loathe and not letting your muscles predict what you’re doing helps to prevent training fatigue and keeps you progressing. No one wants to work hard and go nowhere, so don’t let yourself plateau.

I found although I love to push my body to its absolute limit I would (and still) almost always do things I subconsciously know I will succeed at. If I attempt something it is because I know I can do it. Silvia however, always managed to help me surprise myself by pushing me in ways I hadn’t realised I could, mentally too…..especially those sprints up and down the length of the gym…. luckily I convinced her to join in and race me! Someone else telling you that you can do something honestly makes such a difference. Silly? Maybe, but if you hear it from someone else it seems more true.

66bdb77372cc6d941fdd5ef4474a78f6In no way am I saying a PT is the magic cure to your fitness troubles. But they are definitely a good start, particularly if you’re new to the lifting game. It will teach you proper form to prevent injuries. Also, if you’ve been training for a while it may challenge you to new things and make your progress more effective. And if you actually do as they say, in AND out of the gym you will be closer to your goals, whether that’s weight loss, strength, aesthetics, sports training or being fit for life.

But do remember having one PT session a week then eating ‘bad’ food all week and not training is not your PT’s fault. It’s yours. They are not accountable for your actions. They cannot force you to complete that extra rep or push that bit harder, even when they are there. That decision is up to you, (although they do provide some crucial words of encouragement when it’s most needed).

When I get the chance (possibly this summer) I will do my PT course and put you all through your paces. Yep, there’s the plug. In the meantime challenge yourself or find someone to help you!


Love J xoxo

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