I think every single person I told about my 21st plans to travel solo to Dubai was quite frankly horrified at the idea.  I’d been thinking about it for a while but when I booked it I was on a complete whim…I was having a lets say challenging day and just needed to get away. Cliché I know but get used to it because this blog so cliché, it’s cliché.

I travelled. I landed. So far so good. I had planned my time roughly day by day but conveniently left this in my uni room in Chester. (At least it wasn’t my passport!) I took this new found freedom of undesignated time and decided to just go wherever my uncoordinated brain took me. I’m not going to take you minute by minute through my trip because it’s not necessarily the things I did that are important but how I felt. Plus, who wants to read that when they’re currently in England on the train back from work, to then spend Sunday night in the library like myself. No me neither. Even writing this I have the worst holiday blues.

Simply, it was the best thing I’ve ever done. There is no way of writing about my feelings surrounding this trip without sounding cliché. I honestly feel the most content I have ever been. Last year was a difficult one, but I finished 2016 a vast improvement on the person that started it. After spending time in Dubai I’ve realised this personal growth is only exponential. Travelling alone forces you to think about things you subconsciously avoid, but also makes you appreciate some things you didn’t think you would.

Appreciating the smallest things is of course slightly easier when you’re lying on an empty beach in the Middle East at 6am watching the sunrise with not a care in the world. (Uni, work and dissertation thoughts were all left at LHR terminal 5 ). I really can’t put into words how I felt about so many moments in Dubai. Every time I thought it really couldn’t get any better, it did. I have luckily travelled to many beautiful countries in the world and the United Arab Emirates is no exception. But the beauty of this country went beyond its appearance and this trip is undervalued by any word I could possibly find in the thesaurus.

I’m proud of my journey. And not just the one from LHR to DXB. I am however still surprised I did this whole trip by myself. Does this mean I’m officially a strong independent woman?

Life goals are to be this happy and content forever. (Of course I have tangeable life goals too, a family, a home, a financially stable job blah blah blah, one day eventually, maybe.) But I want more than that, and travelling is a much better way to spend my money that countless pairs of gym leggings (sorry Gymshark and Nike, I love you really I promise)

(I realise I have given no details on the actual trip but that’s because that isn’t what is important… and my instagram is basically a photo diary of my trip so that’s my excuse)


Who knew 5 days in a foreign country, alone could give you so many feels hey.

Anyways that’s me. I’m happy and I’m done boring you with my inspiring travel wanderlust talk.


Love J xoxo



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