Motivation? Commitment? What do they actually mean?

FAQ to yours truly….. how do you stay motivated to go to the gym?? Well……


Firstly, if I could live in the gym I probably would, this is no secret. I have fallen head over heels with the feeling it gives me, stepping through the little spaceship pods at Fitness First. People laugh, (not only because I’m a grade A comedian,) but because they don’t understand what on earth I’m talking about. (Probably because my brain works at 180mph, hence my verbal and written communication is somewhat lacking). In all seriousness though, I’ve developed some weird emotional connection with 6 Russell Road, Ipswich and it seems like it’s here to stay. It gives me my daily ‘fix’.36b7a608fb9ebd99ab44b2d30e536b84

I understand pretty much everyone else on the planet has no idea what I’m going on about and just nodding along politely (like every other day in my life). But don’t force yourself into liking the gym because it will never last, your hatred will only grow exponentially. In no way am I saying don’t exercise. I’m saying find an alternative. There’s differed6ab0d6dad4ad3a6301fd17256a67c6ant ways to exercise besides lifting heavy things and putting them down again! Running.Cycling. Swimming. Fitness classes. Football. Netball. Dancing. Fencing. Ultimate Frisbee. (yes this is real thi
ng for any non-uni students). I’m always open to trying new sports! Anyways, find something you enjoy. If a workout buddy helps do that. Just find something!



Motivation only gets you so far. Extrinsic (external) or intrinsic (internal), it will not be there every time you plan to train/exercise. This is where commitment comes in. It’s easier if you have a goal to work towards, as you are committed to the goal. But if like me you’re currently wandering through adult life hoping not to turn the wrong way, you must be committed to yourself, to be successful. To a better, healthier, happier, more loving, more generous, kinder, more forgiving you. To be a better version of the person you were yesterday. Time management definitely helps with commitment, as the time is then planned and accounted for in your day.e454e27938c69b470a1d1b0e8d837fa2

Do you think Usain Bolt wakes up everyday buzzing at the idea of countless hours of drills and training? After watching his film/documentary, “I am Bolt”, (one I’d highly recommend as it goes), there’s a lot more to him than the showman he portrays himself as. He has a true love for his sport. He doesn’t settle at knowing he’s the fastest human that walks sprints, this earth. He’s committed to himself, breaking his own records and also making his team, coach and country proud. He’s an impressive athlete, on and off the track who truly believed in his capabilities before anyone else did. Now look at him.

You should too. Believe in yourself that is. And other people will follow. Confidence and self-love is infectious and is the first step in committing to yourself.

At the end of the day it comes down to how much you want it and are willing to work for it…

So get up off your beautiful behinds and get moving!


Love J xoxo



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