Listening to your body

In case you haven’t seen my complaining on my social media…. So far 2017 has been a battle of immune system vs me. I will gladly admit that I’m absolutely terrible at being ill. I try to just ignore it and carry on as normal, then my body gives up and I have to assume the foetal position for hibernation.


I’m intolerably grumpy because I can’t concentrate nor can I train whilst my muscles try to fathom why typically ‘easy’ weights seem impossible. Skip forward, I’m even more grumpy and I get hangry (angry because I’m actually not hungry). Basically I feel like a failure and end up in a vicious cycle of self-hatred. Not healthy in any sense of the word.

However, I’m finally learning my body’s cues. I know when to sweat out the fever and when to curl up in my beautiful uni double bed, put my many sets of fairy lights on, light my favourite Yankee candle, grab a Quest bar and binge watch my favourite fitness Youtubers (Steve Cook, Nikki B, Bradley Martyn, GraceFitUk, and the rest….).

Not going to the gym every single day doesn’t make you a bad ‘fitness person’ or any less committed to your goals. I’m sure everyone in the gym would rather you take a couple rest days than spread your disease all over the equipment. Everyone needs to recover or you’ll just ending up making yourself worse, as I found out (Thanks body). So let me be your guinea pig and tell you, fill yourself with fruit, veggies, protein, multivitamins and lots and lots of water! (Obviously depending on your illness, not sure this method could cure chicken pox, but give your body what it needs to support your recovery – although healthy balanced diet should be eaten most of the time anyway!!).


If you’re struggling to decode my waffle, what I’m trying to say is, learn the difference between you being lazy and your body saying no. Your mind saying no and your body saying no are separate entities. Learning your physical limits takes time and attention, so give yourself a little more me time now and again to get to grips with these boundaries.

*FYI this also applies to injuries* – advice from the most injury prone person limping the earth


Be patient, let your body recover and enjoy your much needed rest time. (thankfully I am now fully recovered, yay for my immune system!)


Love J xoxo

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