Busting Fitness Myths – Saga 1

1.You can target fat loss – X

You cannot tell you body where to burn its calories. This concept of ‘toning’ up is honestly a load of BS. This ‘toned’ look people speak of is the development and building of muscle giving shape, and loss of fat defining that shape (aka changes in body composition). You can isolate specific muscles to grow, but you cannot point to a part of your body and tell your brain that’s where it needs to step up its metabolism game. Everyone loses and gains fat in different places first. It is predominantly determined by your genetics. So accept it, get over it and go train to the best of your ability.

2.  Sit ups = abs – X

Compound movements such as squats and deadlifts engage your entire core helping to build those chiselled abs. Of course isolation exercises can be beneficial too, but my main point is doing sit ups every day will not give you abdominal muscles most people are looking for. However, the secret to abs, which most people miss, is although they are made in the gym they are revealed in the kitchen. You literally eat your way to abs. Keep it clean and lean and you’ll have the meanest abs in no time.

(Side note: genetically everyone stores fat and therefore distributes adipose tissue differently. Especially between males and female. So remember this when you want to insta stalk fitness models and comparing your abs to theirs…don’t…but instead read my blog on comparing yourself to others and you’ll feel much better. I promise. 🙂 )

3. Everyone needs supplements – X

If you have a healthy diet that meets all of your micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrient (carbs, fat, protein) requirements and gym a few times a week then you shouldn’t need protein, BCAA’s, creatine, leucine or anything else the multimillion dollar companies are trying to sell you. Use the food first approach. They are called supplements, yet people forget they are supposed to supplement you diet. What a coincidence huh.

It also depends on your individual goals. So just because the whole world and his wife are trying to sell you different products it doesn’t mean you have to buy them. If you are a trained athlete or training at a frequency or intensity that means your diet can no longer keep up with your requirements seek some expert advice on what may benefit you. And also look at the evidence behind the products to see if they have any real benefit.

HOWEVER, after banging on about the over-use of supplements, I do use them. Mainly protein shakes (occasionally a Quest bar or Lenny & Larry’s cookie- high protein treats for those not in the know). In short, I’m vegetarian, dislike a lot of dairy and quite a fussy eater. I’ll bore you with the details another time but I’m learning to combine low biological value proteins i.e plant proteins (do not contain all amino acids) together to create complete protein sources (otherwise typically found in meat, other than QUINOA which is the goddess of foods and is a complete protein source suitable for vegans.)


Think I’ve broke enough hearts today so until next time…



Love J xoxo

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