‘If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.’

2017 New Year’s Resolutions

Every year most people make New Year’s Resolutions and give up before January is even over! Whilst some people don’t even bother with the resolution part and skip straight to the giving up. (You know who you are!!) If you’re still managing this year’s new resolution in December, I salute you.

Last year I started a new tradition. I wrote down things I wanted to do in 2016 and put them in a jar in my room. I won’t detail them all but here are a few examples and how I got on….

  • Visit a new country – Gibraltar and Hungary ✓✓
  • Squat 60kg – Very proud to say I smashed this (80kg!!!!) ✓
  • 10 unassisted bodyweight pull ups – I got to 7 then injured my shoulder so this one just wouldn’t hold, literally.
  • Splits – well this one was a little neglected to say the least
  • Visit the Cereal Killer café in London – Spontaneous trip to London anyone?

Hopefully you will come across your goals every now and again and they will act as a reminder. A reminder for you to spare some time for yourself and stay on track. A bonus of a late start however, could be that it prevents the early onset of Givingupitis (not a medical term, but it should be), because you haven’t been part of the mass gym invasion everyday, starting January 1st. I really am happy more people are starting their fitness journey’s, but admittedly loathe this day.

Now the aim isn’t to beat yourself up if you don’t complete all of your goals. There is some I haven’t done this year, but it means they will be a bigger focus for 2017. However, do make them realistic. As much as I’d love to say I’ll be a qualified personal trainer with my own nutritional consultancy business, working with national sports teams and sponsored by Nike, Gymshark, Quest and Optimum Nutrition living somewhere hot this time next year, I understand this is not going to happen. YET anyway. But small achievable steps are still movements in the right direction, which is way better than staying where you are. (Don’t be a tree.)

If you get out of breath walking up the stairs maybe don’t aim for the London marathon in April, but it is good to aim high!

I haven’t finished my list for next year yet but here’s a few of my ideas so far…

  • Visit another new country
  • Incorporate gymnastics and balance into more workouts
  • More regular yoga
  • Squat 100kg
  • Complete a Tough Mudder
  • Stop buying gym clothes/shoes unnecessarily (I can ALWAYS find a way to justify new gym clothes and trainers, but my bank account has other priorities now so this is going to stop!)
  • Spend my time more productively

A lot of these are really simple things that simply require me to spend my time in a more focused way, but goals give me focus and purpose and that makes me happy. If you aren’t working towards your dreams, (no matter how crazy they may be) then you’re working to help someone else achieve theirs.

Hopefully now you can all make it past the first week of January with the “new year, new me” malarkey! Good luck ✮✮


Love J xoxo



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