Progress pictures are a fabulous thing. A reminder of how far you’ve come. Proof of your journey. I take them regularly to keep track of my physical progress (and of course show everyone my newest gym clothes!).

I advocate them to stop myself obsessing over numbers. Not because I want to lose weight, I don’t, but because if I gain 3 lbs over night I will obsess over why and subconsciously punish myself with cardio or diet the next day. Pictures can also show visual mobility, flexibility or range of motion progress when you might not feel like you’re getting anywhere, literally.

But progress pictures are not the be all and end all of progress. Yes they show physical changes, but they don’t show what’s going on on the inside. They don’t show body composition changes (amount of muscle vs fat). They don’t show the mental changes. They don’t show the physical strength you might have gained.

Following so many fitness pages on Instagram means I see ‘transformation pictures’ daily, particularly #TransformationTuesdays. Yes they can be amazing and incredibly inspiring. But don’t become disheartened by all these strangers posting mugshots of themselves before, and now the ‘shiny new them’. If you want to feel anything from them feel inspired, but remember they don’t show the true battle of what the individual may have had to go through to get there.

My recent ‘Transformation Tuesday’ isn’t exactly a dramatic change. Yes I have gained weight (I’d like to think mostly LBM – lean body mass) and maybe wardrobes full of gym clothes too! Joking aside it doesn’t show the confidence I’ve gained between the pictures (mentally,socially and body confidence wise), how I’ve changed as a person, the long-term improvements in health and the true happiness I have found through fitness.

This is not a criticism of transformation pictures; they can be amazing motivation for you and for others. This is just a short and sweet friendly reminder they are not everything. So remember not all progress can be captured in your iPhone 7 cameras with their 12-mega pixels, 2.8 apertures and 2 x optical zoom.


Love J xox



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