Pressures of the Fitness Industry

Whether you’re male or female, you are no doubt surrounded by people who we are constantly told to aspire to; things we should/shouldn’t eat; exercise we should do…. Anyone would think fitness world is just turning into a massive cult.

Following on from my last post about focusing on your own progress, and not comparing yourself to others, it’s time for a little reminder that it’s ok to not have chia seeds and cacao on your porridge or cover everything in agave syrup on the daily (I’m more of a cinnamon and sugar kind of gal cos I’m just so damn sweet).



‘Strong not skinny’. A phrase commonly used today and one I used to think was a positive step forward. Now I’m not so sure… I feel it is just another gym culture ‘buzzword’ putting pressure on females, encouraging them to a new, unhealthy obsession.

I think I may be about to contradict myself but anyway here goes….

The phrase ‘Strong not skinny’ actually describes my fitness journey perfectly in 3 words. Although I personally would never call myself skinny (I absolutely loathe the word, almost as much as the word ‘moist’ ew), my parents and many others, in the past (and present) have told me that I’m “worryingly skinny”. Cheers guys. No, seriously though. Haterz be my motivatorz.

Everyone is very aware of ‘fat shaming’ and we’re all for encouraging plus size models, but yet the next minute people will criticise the size 0 models at London fashion week! Bella Hadid recently felt the wrath of twitter trolls due to her ‘less than average’ weight in a Nike Ad campaign. Just because you’re worried for their health or don’t see their body type as the norm, doesn’t mean they should be ridiculed or ostracized. Unhealthy body weights come with added health complications, and yes this happens at both ends of the scale (pun fully intended). You wouldn’t go up to someone who is overweight and tell them to eat less…. Or would you? Why is there double standards?

I have been told ‘you need to eat more you’re too skinny.’ Think about it.

You’re telling someone there is something wrong with them. It’s body shaming and it’s not ok. Leave the health advice to the professionals please.



 Guys I haven’t forgotten about you. You have pressures too; to lift heavy and to get big right? Swoldier Nation – if you know you know.

I admit hands down gym guys are my type. But it’s not only because of their physical appearance…..

To progress, you have to work hard. Really hard. There is no way of cheating (lets ignore the steroids). Literally blood, sweat and tears (not crying, but muscle fibre tears) is the only way. I know I keep banging on about mental health but it is such a mental game. We spend hours and hours training just for that one extra inch, or kg, or %. That is pure dedication and shows real mental strength. I understand body dysmorphia is an issue but always aspire to be better than the person you were yesterday, not just in the gym, be kinder, more generous, more loving, more grateful.

So be proud and put aside what social media and the fitness industry is telling you to be. Be you.


Love J xoxo

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  1. December 3, 2016 / 11:42 pm

    Love This ! Strong believer in “Strong Not Skinny”

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