You vs. You

Body Confidence 101


YOU. You are the only person you should ever compare YOURSELF to with your progress, so go ahead and make that mirror your best friend (mine’s already mine).

Tough love alert – if you constantly compare yourself to other people, wanting what they have, you will believe that you’re a failure, or that they are ‘better’ than you. You are not them and they are not you, so stop wasting your time with the comparisons and subsequent self-deprecation. Besides, shouldn’t we all be our own biggest fans??

If you see someone in the gym and your goal is their body, then you have some re-evaluating to do. Proof is essentially in the sentence itself – YOUR GOAL being THEIR BODY? That makes no sense does it?! There may be aspects of their physique you may want for yourself, and that’s fair. But don’t let their physique consume you, allow it to inspire you to work harder and make these changes possible.

If two people followed the exact same diet, lifestyle, physical activity and exercise plan they would not look the exact same (Stating the obvious I know).We need to love ourselves and not be ashamed to do so! Confidence should inspire. Don’t be ashamed to be proud of the progress you have made. It may not even be physical progress; it could be finally having the confidence to go to the gym by yourself. At the end of the day, it’s still self-growth. There is no objective measure for self-growth, you set your own goals whatever they may be and create your own happiness.

Don’t get me wrong I have some absolutely horrid days. Anytime anyone walks past a mirror they will no doubt see a new flaw. I am no different, and 9 times out 10 it’s due to my skin, I am covered in scars; bruises; birth marks and sun damage head to toe. I realise it’s cliché but… ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ which is why we need to be internally confident, and allow that to translate into confidence in our appearance.Some days can be a complete opposite to the aforementioned flaw fest, I FEEL great and I truly love my body and appreciate it!…Moral of the story… Focus on how your own body feels and what it is capable of (and of course your health).

Body confidence is such a major issue in gym culture. No matter what someone’s physique looks like they can still point out a flaw in themselves. I am yet to meet someone who is 100% satisfied with their body. We can give each other confidence and encourage each other to feel good about ourselves. Any person that is in the gym is trying to better him or herself. Always remember that. So if you feel silly doing an exercise I can guarantee pretty much no one is watching (Unless perhaps you’re walking upside down on the treadmill doing handstands of course).

Next time you enter the gym be proud to be there. Be proud of putting time aside to look after your mental and physical health. Stop comparing yourself to others. Be proud of you.

Love J xox

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