As a female who lifts I am often alone in the weights area surrounded by guys overflowing with testosterone. I’ve learnt to not let it phase me as I’m now so involved in my own workout, everything else is just part of the background. I am there to focus on me and only me. And I would like to encourage other females to do the same.

I know when I first started training with weights I was scared of becoming ‘bulky’ and having too much muscle…well it’s been over a year now and I can safely say I don’t believe I have become either (and no other opinions matter but your own about YOUR body, if you are happy and clinically healthy then everything is good right?) Unless your full time job is lifting and your goal is to become the next Miss Olympia or Olympic lifting champion you will not have enough lean muscle to have that look and you will appreciate and love your body more by starting to use weights.


Weight training has so many benefits;

  • Increasing bone density for peak bone mass
  • Increasing your basal metabolic rate (Muscle burns more calories than fat)
  • Overall health and weight management
  • Predominantly fat burning (as low intensity exercise)
  • Mental health benefits (see other blog post for more info on this)


Everyone has his or her own insecurities about the gym. Whether yours is your current physique, not knowing how to use equipment, lack of motivation or knowledge of what exercises to do or maybe just being in a new environment (yes we’ve all been there – I tried a new gym just this week and admittedly my anxiety about trying something new nearly stopped me from going). But there is always a way that we can overcome them, every single one. Find your OWN motivation.

If you’re unsure of how to use any equipment always ask an instructor to show you to prevent injury. If you don’t like training on your own find a gym buddy.


As much as I would love for you all to join me in this female takeover in the gym I do appreciate it may never be something some of you enjoy. If cardio or fitness classes are your thing, then by all means carry on, you are doing fabulously.

But let’s show the guys we can do it just as well as they can….

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go! I’ll be there waiting for you!


Love J xox

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