Exercise for the mind AND body

At the beginning of summer I became newly single.  Losing a longterm support was a bit of a shock to the system and made me realise how much I’d actually lost my independence.

Despite feeling like I’d broken into a million pieces I decided to get to work on myself. Instead of conforming to society’s version of the broken hearted and turning to ice cream and pizza for support I created my own version – the ‘gym addict’. Now you may think, well then I must have been going for the ‘revenge body’. But that is far from the truth, as the person in question was the one who got me into lifting (so I have him to thank for that xox) and wish no form of revenge on anyone, positive vibes and love only… sorry to disappoint!

The gym helped me to focus on myself. Not just physically though. Many miss the concept of how much lifting is as much a mental game as it is physical. If I’m being 100% honest my anxiety went through the roof and my confidence levels hit the ground, simultaneously of course. But I’ve learnt that it’s ok not to be ok. The gym became my second home and sanctuary over the summer, helping my mental well being whilst improving physique, strength and fitness. Many people speak of being in ‘THE ZONE’ during sport or exercise and I thoroughly believe in this mystical concept, that it’s almost a form of meditation. During a workout nothing else is on my mind other than the next set and once I’m finished I feel refreshed and ready to face the world for the day (although I may look far from it following a heavy leg session).

Not to bore you with facts but physical activity and exercise are scientifically proven to improve mental health. Issues such as depression and anxiety can be managed by some individuals through exercise. Personally just having something to focus on and something I enjoy is always a great help. The hormonal and chemical changes in your body during exercise release endorphins and increase levels of norepinephrine (this controls the body response to stress).

Simply exercise = release/reduction in stress, improved memory, better sleep and improved overall mood

Not only this but exercise can increase self-esteem, confidence and self efficacy (perceived ability to succeed and accomplish tasks)


So what are you waiting for?



Love J xox


  1. Clare
    October 31, 2016 / 6:35 am

    What an amazing write up jade!!! And sooooo true i dont think alot of people realise the benifits of exercise on your mind… 🙂

    Didnt realise youd been through all that keep it up you totally need to be on that stage #model #fitness

    Mwah big love from oz
    Clare xoxo

    • November 5, 2016 / 6:30 pm

      Thank you!! Hope you’re loving it there, your insta pics look amazing!I’d definitely consider moving one day too! xxx

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